J.R. Pisani

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I spent all my life in a country devoted to football (soccer), where kicking a ball and scoring goals transcend life. For some is a religion, for others a pastime, nonetheless to the great majority of us is a form of state who you are.

Always surrounded by people who shared the same passion, yelling and cheering on the concrete stands. That was my weekly therapy for mental healthiness, my doses of platonic love.


Platonic because as I lacked the skills for soccer, and defending a club's colors on a field turned out to be something distant for me, I understood that being an athlete is not the only way that you can do something in sports.


Regardless of focusing my thirst for adrenaline on playing rugby, a life dedicated to sports doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be on a court or field. You can also be part of the hidden structure that allows athletes, fans, and enthusiasts to be there to enjoy, helping them to do what they like the most.

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